1. Briefing and Consulting 2. Planning and 3D Design 3. Model and Toolmaking 4. Prototype production / Outturn Samples 5. serial production (up to part size of 26mm) 6. Assembling, gluing, packing in the Hopf production
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Streamlined and yet individual

Our customised solutions are the result of a well thought-out workflow. Depending on the customer and the job, it is adapted to the special requirements and modified according to the task at hand.
Our workflow is not only characterised by the right balance of routine and individuality, it is also comprehensive. If desired, it starts with the briefing, even includes the packaging and distribution steps, and ends with conscientious recycling. Find out more under Environment.


As an experienced, innovative industry specialist, we develop task-specific, efficient production solutions. The starting point is usually our customers' drawings and plans, which we first subject to a professional, technical feasibility analysis and optimise them accordingly so that the production runs as smoothly as possible. After explaining the cost-saving potentials to our clients, we develop the best solution together with them.



3D Design

The HOPF specialists work with a modern design program from Tebis. While the surface modeller creates deep-drawing tools for the trimming and milling fixtures, assembly fixtures are designed - as well as other aids as required - with which it is possible to assemble the workpieces with absolute accuracy of fit.

3D Konstruktion

3D Prototype Construction

The design phase is followed by the prototype production. First of all, we produce sample tools from Ureol, a special plastic-wood mixture which is characterised by its excellent machinability. Using these sample tools, the demouldability and general feasibility of the desired deep-drawn part can be tested cost-effectively before serial production begins. In order to ensure smooth processes, the Ureol sample tools are used to run through the entire production process, while the assembly is carried out by HOPF experts.
Is the prototype designed in such a way that it can go into series production? This question can be answered reliably at the end of this phase.




Model and Tool Making

The final step is the actual implementation, the model and tool making. Here, too, we at HOPF are in top form. After all, the production of technical parts - especially difficult technical parts - is our speciality. A team full of experienced experts and, in addition, an extensive, company-owned machine park: this is how we reliably succeed in reacting quickly to the most diverse market requirements.

Modell- und Werkzeugbau